Sunday, August 1, 2010

7.18. 2010: Jeremy Simon, Leah Larkin, Robin Norvelle, Geoff Young, Kathryn Fernandez, Ryan Sandrock

On the 18th, Sandrock agreed to throw an informal dinner party at his house, although he told us that we couldn’t have any inert bodies lying on the floor the next morning—he had to show his house. He and his wife are moving closer to Stanford, where she’s a professor. We set off on the bus that picked us up at 30th and Mission and headed towards the Ferry Building, where we had heard that there’d be a huge farmers market. There, we would meet Jeremy Simon, now a (we’ve heard) famous yoga instructor, and Leah Larkin, granddaughter of Sidney Herbert, thus ESA royalty. We met Jeremy and his boyfriend Joey near a fountain and chatted while waiting for Leah and her five-year old daughter, Molly, to show up. The night before, Jeremy had had a yoga class, which he said, “incorporated yoga, flying, and thai massage.” Dad totally chickened out and blatantly lied to Jeremy that we had all gotten back from Napa (just me and Isabelle) too late (still not true) to attend the class. That day, Jeremy told us that it would make his day to “fly his former English teacher,” so dad had to pretend he was game. In the middle of this huge, packed park in San Francisco, Jeremy Simon had dad fly while German tourists and other onlookers took photographs. It was really an amazing sight to see.

When Leah and Molly showed up—Leah is a Biology professor at college outside of San Francisco—we moved onto the stalls to see what produce could be had. We bought beautiful bell peppers in a range of colors I had never seen, Japanese eggplant, artichokes, mint, cucumbers, sun-warmed tomatoes, goat cheese, button mushrooms, and very expensive shrimp. And after we collected this haul we realized that we’d really have to haul it back to the Sandrock’s. Molly collapsed face-down on the ground about 20 feet away from the house, but revived after hearing that she’d get a popsicle once we arrived. We cooked up a feast using the bounty we’d bought, and a few things brought over (lots of sausages) with Jeremy Simon and Joey, Kathryn Fernandez, Leah and her husband, son, and daughter, Robin Norvelle, Geoff Young, and, of course, Ryan Sandrock.

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