Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7.25.2010: Bel Air and Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA: John Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Barry Landry

“Rented a car and drove to LA on the 101. Got lost in Bel Air, but eventually found our way to John Hill’s house near the top of a canyon in what he calls “the ghetto of Bel Air.” Hardly a ghetto! Had dinner with John and his wife as well as with John’s four dogs, Elizabeth Hill, and other guests. Elizabeth is a sex and love addiction counselor in LA (a good place to practice” while John is a hedge fund manager (the good kind). Spent the night at Barry Landry’s in Santa Monica. Barry had some misunderstandings with the ESA administration and didn’t graduate, but was in Kohlie Frantzen’s class. Barry is a writer.”
--Dad’s journal

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