Friday, August 6, 2010

7.27.2010: Kohlie Frantzen

We met Kohlie Frantzen and his wife and daughters at the LA County Museum of Art on maybe what is called the Miracle Mile. We didn’t mean to be late, but we had parked on the street, neither of us had change, and after trying to get coins from a variety of vendors for about 15 minutes, we realized that our meter had a big “FAIL” written on it, indicating that it was out of service, so our bartering for coins was for naught. As we walked in, I found out that Kohlie lives in Lafayette, is on the ESA board, and that he and dad are friends who see each other quite often, although dad’d never met his and his wife, Elise’s, wonderful children before. We were introduced to his two girls, Ella and Arden, who said that they only liked to eat pizza and hamburgers (although they later proved me wrong at Whole Foods, “we need lettuce for the salad!”). They are in the ESA lower school and maybe it’s the parenting or maybe ESA, but I can’t say enough about how great they are.

I guess they had been at the museum all day, because after lunch, while dad and I were raring to check out the exhibits, the girls were museumed-out and ready for a different adventure. About this time, after we had finished with all the Acadiana gossip, we somehow managed to convince Kholie and Elise that having a party at their house was a good idea, so we were on for Friday.

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