Tuesday, August 10, 2010

7.27.2010: Manhattan Beach, Lily Henry (1993)

For the better part of our sojourn in LA, we stayed with Lily, her husband Nathan, and her step-son Jake. However, being the busy people that we are, we really didn’t see them very much except for breakfast (well, I was usually still sleeping when they got up at six). After seeing Kohlie and family at the museum, we realized that we didn’t have anything to do that night, which is a rare occurrence, so we made plans to have dinner with Lily, Nathan, and Jake. They decided to take us to a sushi place where the executive chef had been on the television show, Iron Chef. Even though we’d been warned to avoid celebrity chefs, and even though the music was loud and techno, the place had really interesting food—not your typical sushi restaurant fare.

There we got to really hear about their lives. Lily and Nathan only recently got married—about three months ago, and almost immediately after the wedding, she had to have back surgery on her spine. So even though she doesn’t show it so much, she’s in pain often which would put me in a really bad mood all of the time, especially considering that she has a 2-hour round-trip commute to her law office. Despite all of this, she treated us really well, and her family was wonderful (and her dog too….I wasn’t able to make friends with the cat).

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