Saturday, August 14, 2010

7.31.2010: Santa Monica, CA: Kohlie Frantzen (1985?), Brett Landry (1995?), Tiba O’Conner (1999), Kevin Brown (1999)

(Front row, left to right: Brett, Arden, Elise; back row: me, Tiba, Phillip, Kevin, Kohlie)

We shopped with Kohlie and his family at Whole Foods in preparation for the party. The night before, Elise, Kohlie’s wife, had already started cooking red beans and rice. At the store, with help from the Frantzen girls, we picked out lots of salad material, including beets and a delicious cheese that tastes similarly to mozzarella and sounds like baretta. The only two people to arrive who we hadn’t previously seen were Brett Landry and his wife Brenda.

In about six months, the two of them are planning on moving to New Zealand to seek their fortunes…or at least the perfect wave. They’ve both been working in advertising/marketing for awhile now, but their ultimate goal is a career change. When Brett moved to L.A. a few years ago, he picked up surfing and now is a total surfer dude. His dream is to open a little surfer B&B in New Zealand. Brett said that when he was growing up, his family took a trip to New Zealand and he fell in love with the place. However, he wasn’t able to get back until he and Brenda eloped there. They both seem excited by the prospect of a new adventure, and she told me that her dad is kind of nutty like mine; he’s travelling around for the summer, living out of his truck, and taking photographs of national parks. He’s probably getting in a little more camping than we are.

At the end of the night, before we had all drained the last of our Abitas and scraped our dishes clean, Arden, the youngest of the Frantzens, gave us an accapella version of a tune from Annie, practice for a few days later when she performed on the streets of Santa Monica.

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