Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7.21.2010: Santa Barbara, CA: Laura Lewis Shelbourn, Colin Grussing (2003)

(Colin Grussing on right with beer bottle and red shirt)

We had to make it to Santa Barbara on the 21st for the wedding of Andrew Cox and Janelle Sharer, friends of mine from New Orleans. At this point, dad and I split up—he stayed with Laura, and I stayed with Colin and about 10 other friends of the couple in a big house up a ridiculously steep hill. I spent almost no time with Laura, but I did find out that dad keeps a secret notebook, so here’s what he has written down:

“I stayed with Laura and her husband Craig and children Peyton, John, and Witby until the 25th… Laura is the chairman of the board at the Crane School. I parked the bus there and met the headmaster who took me on a tour of the school. In its friendly, family spirit, and in its separate, mosdest buildings that fit into the character of the area, and in its greenswards, it reminds me very much of ESA. A fine, happy, well-run school with smart, dedicated teachers.”

It’s a little harder to write about Colin since we’ve been roommates for the last three years. However, its always fun telling people what he does for a living—he sells mostly green body suits online at his website There’s a character on a television show that occasionally wears this suit and about 2 years ago, Colin thought that a friend of his, Jesse Faulk (2003) would like to own this suit and wear it. After scouring the web to find anything, he discovered that he could only buy one on ebay for an extraordinary sum of money. Eventually he came across a Chinese company that sold fetish suits pretty similar to what he was looking for. He asked them to make a few changes, bought ten, and immediately sold them. He used that money to buy more and his business took off. These days he sells the suits in many colors and in two-tones and doesn’t have to have a second job.

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