Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7.17.2010: Ryan Sandrock

We spent the next night at Ryan Sandrock’s house in Bernal Heights. He decided to take us to a “southern” restaurant—The Front Porch—that has several Cajunesque dishes on the menu. The moment we sat down, he said, “Oh no, bringing you here was a huge mistake.” Of course we ordered the gumbo, fish pontchartrain, beignets, fried okra, and whatever else we could make fun of that was on the menu. They did burn the roux, but the fish was delicious, although definitely west coast style. Towards the end of dinner, Sandrock (I can’t help it, this is what I called him as my teacher) began to tell us about how he was the greatest cross-country and track coach at ESA and how many state championships had been won under his tutelage. Sometime around this point he pledged $200 to ESA for every group win that either the boys or girls cross-country or track team won. In perpetuity. I have the signed contract in my wallet.

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