Sunday, July 11, 2010

Denver Part 2: Jennifer King Barnard (1988)

The next morning, we watched North Korea lose only to be sent home and probably shot. I got hyped up about running around the cute little park in Josh’s neighborhood, left dad to do all his texting and facebooking on his pride and joy—what he calls his “igod—“ and ending up mostly wheezing in the mile high city.

Jennifer King picked us up and brought us to a little bar and grill, I think it was called the Pearl Street Grill, where I was amazed to see a Nicoise Salad on the menu. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to order one…I think it’s been too long since I’ve been out of the south. Anyway, Jennifer is the kind of woman that I wish I could be, however I’m not sure that I’m cut out of the same material. She’s one of the clearest and cleanest speakers I’ve ever met (and by cleanest I mean that she uses no unnecessary words), career-driven, sharp, motivated, exudes confidence, and knows precisely who she is and what she wants.

After graduating from LSU, she moved to Colorado, pretty much sight unseen, and eventually ended up working in software sales. She moved into software and operational management consulting for firms world-wide, which translates to traveling back and forth from Italy several times a year. For many years, Jennifer told us, her life was pretty crazy busy and she was traveling for work more often than not. However these days, she’s trying to slow down a little bit and spend more time with her dogs, her cabin, and her new husband.

Here’s their story: She put her condo up on the market and was beginning to house shop, however, her condo sold more quickly than she anticipated, so she and her dog ended up renting in an apartment building. Her dog soon became interested in another dog living on the same floor and they liked to bark at each other. Eventually the owners met, the dogs started going on walks together, and their masters decided that they liked each other at least as much as their dogs did, and decided to get married. So Jennifer ended up moving into a house with not one but two dogs and a new husband. So Jennifer’s senior roast, which she said she hated, proved untrue: she has not been married and divorced five times.

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