Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7.16.2010: SFMOMA, Mission District, San Francisco: Robin Norvelle (1998), Geoffrey Young (1994), Kathryn Fernandez (2003)

After lunch we went back to the truck and ended up hanging out in the parking lot for about half an hour while dad called people and messed around on facebook. Isabelle and I sat in the tailgate of the truck and made up lyrics to Joni Mitchell’s California: “Sitting in a parking lot in San Francisco/waiting for dad to finish texting, but it sure looks bad/and he won’t give tourism a chance…” Finally Isabelle and I decided to go check out the Caulder to Warhol show at the San Fran Museum of Modern Art, but I guess dad got separation anxiety, so he came along with us.

Once everyone got out of work, they—Geoff, Robin, Kathryn—met us in the cafĂ© at the museum.

Kathryn showed up in a swingy purple and black striped skirt, which I totally coveted, and told us about her job working for the Federal Court (I think) for the summer. She’s in law school at Berkeley, living in the Mission District, and making the most of her young city life—tickets to Conan, opening of Inception at the Imax. There was a period, she said, when for work she had to go through and dismiss criminal charges against people. As she was walking home, her purse was snatched. “Someday,” she said, “I’m probably going to have to clear his record, and I won’t like it at all.

(Geoff and Kathryn)

The three of them decided that we should head to the Mission District for drinks and burritos, so we headed towards the Bart while listening to adulations on public transportation in the area, and got a whole spiel on how to use the system.

Geoff works in the Mission, and we ended up in darkest bar I think I’ve ever seen—or perhaps this had to do with the effect of walking into a dark bar while there’s still light shining outside. Once inside with martinis in hand, Geoff told us about working as a therapist to the homeless in the area, school, and his generally busy schedule. Apparently he’s been able to hold onto this job, however funding for all sorts of programs for the homeless are being cut, resulting in somewhat of a desperate situation. I think this is the way Geoff put it, “If someone is hanging on by a thread, and that thread is cut, there’s nothing left.”

Robin is currently working out at Google, living in San Francisco, has a shuttle that picks her up at her door every day, and seems to have a generally awesome life. More about Robin and our Google tour later…..

(Me and Robin)

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