Sunday, July 11, 2010

Missoula, Montana: Jason Collins (1992)

Beat this: Jason Collins reads D’Aulaires’ book of Greek mythology to his seven-year-old daughter at bedtime. His wild two-year-old, Michael, is somewhat too young to listen and busy jumping in puddles anyway. Jason and his wife, Ginger, only recently moved to Missoula from Baton Rouge, after Ginger accepted a job at the University of Montana, forging the path for the new Department of Speech Pathology. This works for Jason as well because he can work from almost anywhere most of the time, since after learning to use email, he started a software consulting company, Mammoth Computers (?) He does need to fly back and forth to Louisiana about once a month, since at the moment most of his clients live in Louisiana. Speaking of clients, he was hired by a school in Baton Rouge which is getting some sort of reality television makeover, which Jason will have to be on site for this month, and thus may become the next reality show star.

Ginger and Jason had Dad, Isabelle, and I over for buffalo burgers and pie, and offered us wine or beer, both from local companies, so we ended up having a great region-specific meal. Pie, Jason told us, was how he ended up marrying Ginger. Either Bobby Manuel or Robert McMann was dating Ginger’s neighbor and thought that Jason and Ginger were made for each other or maybe only that it’d be really convenient to have them date. Ginger helped out the case by making lots of pies and Jason started spending the time that he would normally use to go running to eat pie. Not that you could tell, today anyway. But maybe he got back into shape by chasing after his son (who kept us entertained by escaping on his tricycle).

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