Friday, July 16, 2010

Images from the road, pre-Missoula

Adam Broussard, who we ran into near a random dam in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. He's from Eunice, has lived in Idaho for about 16 years, and told us that he had bear and mountain lion meat at his wedding. I tried to find some to buy, but it can only be procured by the bullets from your own gun.

Sally and Seth Carpenter, former ESA teachers, with their three children Adeline, Esther, and little Naomi. They're currently living in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We spent one night at their lovely house and had the most delicious chocolate mint cookies I think I've ever had.

The fellowship with the bus in front of the Grand Tetons.

A park we stayed in after leaving Liz Landry in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dad and the elusive Liz Landry.

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