Friday, June 4, 2010

Itenerary, sort of

Here's the cast as I know it so far:
Cabell Tutwiler
Katie Tutwiler
Isabelle Tutwiler
John Henry Trant
Emile Legendre
(maybe) Ben Trant


Leave on the 8th or 9th of June
--get out of Louisiana/Deadly heat of the south as soon as we can
--12th ish of June arrive and spend several days in Colorado, possibly Boulder, Estes Park, Salida, wherever we can find Ursula Quoyeser and her two boys.

6.18.2010: Arrive in Missoula, MT which will be our home base until the 18th.
6.28.2010: Leave Missoula
--Hit up Seattle, (maybe Vancouver, maybe Alaska), Portland, Humbolt County, San Fran, etc
7.21.2010: Arrive in Santa Barbara, CA
--head to Los Angeles or Vegas

And any date/location is subject to change except for the Missoula dates.

If you are along the route somewhere and would like us to stop, let me know! We can also accommodate you if you need a ride or want to go on one of our outdoor adventures. Although that will necessitate some sort of donation for the Tates/Tutwiler fund...

Angie Broussard has provided us a list of known alumni, so we will be putting together a map and will try to be in touch with those on our path and set up events.


  1. I found the blog - will be watching with interest and trepidation!

  2. Talked to the "Captain Tut" this afternoon from the road.

    You all should seriously consider coming through Salt Lake...It's almost on your way. I'd love to see the bus parked in front of the house I'm house-sitting for. I've got a hot tub in the back yard!

  3. katie & Cabel,
    unfortunately the boys and I are not heading to Colo. until this Sunday (22). We are somewhat delayed in leaving. Sorry we will miss you all. we will be there for a month, so if you guys come back this way or thru Houston holler!!! Wish we could spend some time with ya'll. Ursula

  4. If you make it to Portland, look me up! My brother (Jay) and I are both living here and would love to hang.

    Kim Powers Geist

  5. Hey there,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am headed out to Lone Pine, CA about July 28th for our now annual trek up Mt. Whitney. You should check the area out or I will be in Vegas prior to trip and after July 31st. Hope to see you.