Monday, June 14, 2010

Dallas 6.10.2010 Amy Adams Tassos

We drove into Dallas wanting to hate it, whether from past experiences, what it represents, or maybe just because its in Texas. But Amy Adams Tassos (1993) works in a really pretty neighborhood which she told us was the gay section of town, so the houses were all well kept up and nicely decorated. We met her outside of the labyrinthine Presbyterian church where she works at about two in the afternoon, and man was it scorchingly hot with a heavy dose of humidity (the sun was out the day after a torrential rain that fell across the southwest and killed about 13 people in Arkansas—we were camping near Tyler, Texas and were caught in a piece of it). So we were standing in a parking lot getting grouchy when Amy showed up and banished all bad thoughts through her immediately evident positive energy and the glow that she gave off, perhaps from the expected August arrival of her 1st son and second child. Samantha, her daughter is, at the moment, a two year old who terrorizes her day car.

Amy took us all out to a “down and dirty” Tex-Mex restaurant called Mia’s. She’s worked at the church almost since she got out of college. Amy was working for an advertising firm which paid next to nil and the church offered to double her salary and give her benefits. Her husband, whom she met through her cousin, works as a head hunter for the major technology firms, such as So life is good in Texas. Her twin sister, who also attended ESA, but only through middle school, is now a horse physical therapist for cutter (cutting?) horses which are predomintately in the rodeo these days, but were previously used for keeping the cattle herds in line. When we asked Amy about her participation with the outing club, she told us about a scar that she still had from a stick stabbing her in the arm. It must’ve been a pretty good wound, but that was the only trip that she ever went on. Anyway, dad said later that she was the most pleasant person he’s ever had in his classroom, “I can even remember where she sat,” and I can tell why.

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