Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Praying for a Top Kill

Last weekend I packed up my life in New Orleans and drove down to New Iberia to begin the great task of cleaning and tricking out the bus and packing incredible amounts of gear. On the way in, we took a short-stop in Grand Isle. Isabelle, who had flown in that weekend, was with me, and we wandered around the beach looking for signs of oil washing up on the beach. We saw a huge half eaten fish head, met a guy from Florida videotaping himself, and saw huge droplets of a dark oily substance strewn slightly and randomly across the sand. At first I thought that this could be part of a natural ocean thing, because it didn't look like how I would envision an oil spill to look, but we were soon informed that this was indeed coming from BP's well. It really didn't look too terrible, but I later read that the beaches at Grand Isle are cleaned daily.

Today as I run errands for my poor stressed out father who has grades due on Friday ("Please pick up 48 cans of RC Cola and 48 Moon pies."--I've gotten some really weird looks), I'm praying to the gods who like to torment the Louisiana coast to back off and allow this "Top Kill" to succeed.

P.S. There is a recipe to make moon pie bread pudding on the website.

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