Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've had a few questions, such as, "What does your dad do?" "Why is he going on that trip?" and "Who are those alumni that he's visiting?"

To be explicit:

Cabell Tutwiler is a veteran teacher at ESA. A scholarship fund has recently been created by the school entitled The Tate/Tutwiler Scholarship Fund, which honors both dad and Dr. and Mrs. Tate (also long term teachers). Dad is taking a year-long sabbatical for the purpose of adventure and to raise money for the fund so that more worthy but underfunded students can all enjoy the amazing experience that the rest of us alums have had. And he's planning on going to EVERY SINGLE alumnus' house/apartment/boat/tent. (And apparently there are two in Alaska, and as he said, "Katie, since we're going to Seattle anyway, it's really not that far of a drive to Alaska." And I thought to myself, "Oh boy, in a school bus. Didn't I recently see a movie about a boy who lived in a school bus in Alaska and died a miserable, cold death?"

So consider yourself warned.

Oh and when I asked him where we'd be staying, he said that it would be shameful if we weren't put up by the same people that we're going to be squeezing money out of.

PS. Really glad I spell checked.


  1. So what if we went to ESA through 11th grade, but graduated somewhere else...Would I still be eligible for a visit? I would love to help support you guys.

  2. Yes of course! I guess you could email Angie Broussard so that she puts you on our map.